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Online class program
All our teachers are latin, friendly, and clear-talking instructors, who are easy to understand and have many years of experience teaching Spanish through our online courses. Our students will have the opportunity to learn how to speak and communicate in Spanish. Start learning Spanish with these online computer courses. All you need is a computer with internet access.
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Learn Spanish Spanish schools in Guatemala Valle Palajunoj.
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Welcome to...
                      Centro Bilingue Amerindia

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8 Calle 6-28, Zona 1 Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Tel/Fax: 502-7765-2521 or 502-4258-9988

This family owned and operated school, authorized by INGUAT and the Ministry of Education, provides a warm atmosphere and intensive Spanish immersion.

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Intensive one-on-one Spanish courses are taught by University-trained, experienced teachers.

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Spanish Classes

One-on-one instruction is offered 5 or 6 hours daily, Monday – Friday.

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CBA offers home stays with middle class Guatemalan families.

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To complement the immersion program, CBA offers extracurricular activities for our students  (in Spanish of course!).

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CBA coordinates volunteer work with different NGOs and aid projects, including education, health, sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and more. This service is free!

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As a volunteer we ask that you commit of a min. of 3 months, be over the age of 24, and have a basic level of Spanish.
Our Projects

Centro Bilingüe Amerindia (CBA) is a Spanish school in Quetzaltenango (or Xela), Guatemala, founded in 1989. The school offers classes in Spanish and in various Mayan languages. CBA also connects volunteers with a variety of work opportunities in surrounding communities. We donate 10% of each student´s tuition to local, sustainable development projects.

CBA Spanish School, is recognized and accredited by:


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